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Reasons to Subscribe

Reasons to Subscribe

Sales Leads at Your Fingertips:
The launch of Biddingo marks the end of businesses' tedious and disorganized bid searches through various websites and search engines. Biddingo subscribers receive access to an entire portal of bid opportunities from governmental organizations right from their web browser.  Biddingo mitigates businesses efforts in locating bids through extensive research of bid opportunities from public sector organizations all across Western Canada. Rest assured that you will never miss out on another bid opportunity.

Start Your Day with
Discover the latest bid opportunity right as you begin your day with's daily bid notice emails. Biddingo aggregates all available bid opportunities pertaining to your business and automatically emails the notification directly to your inbox. Once your business registers and creates a profile, Biddingo will do the work for you through notifications of bids matching your profile, which might include a specific region, or organization, type of product/service you provide, or proximity to your location. By utilizing Biddingo, your business will remain up to date with all current government contract opportunities so you can act promptly and advance over your competitors.

Unlimited Free eBidDocuments a Click Away:
Right from our inception, Biddingo has encouraged government entities to disseminate bid documents in digital form free of charge to Biddingo network users.   For years, public sector organizations have charged suppliers for their paper-based documents to recover the cost of preparing them. The Biddingo network consistently strives to evolve this process by providing the option to distribute documents electronically, and as a result, many of Biddingo's bid publishing partners have modified their document fee policies to reflect this notion (Note: Some public sector organizations continue to sell both electronic and paper-based bid documents through the Biddingo network.  These charges are not part of the Biddingo network subscription and even subscribers must pay these document fees separately from the subscription fees. Selling bid documents are not part of Biddingo's business but we provide the feature as a convenience and intermediate step as government organizations transform from current paper based to paperless processes).

Track Your Competition:
There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says you win wars by knowing yourself and knowing your enemy. Remaining informed on not only which public sector organization is or about to put out a bid which matches your business profile, but also which other businesses have taken interest in the bid and their history of success in previous bids is essential to your decision making process. Monitor the bidding activities of your competition through to identify your competitors. Biddingo provides valuable information on competition in order to assist subscribers in forming a suitable business plan to tackle a bid. (Note: Some public sector organizations don't publish their document takers list).

Simplify Commodity Coding Schemas:
Biddingo understands businesses' difficulty in attempting to keep track and make sense of all the various commodity codes utilized by different public sector organizations. The complexity of the commodity coding schema was the inspiration behind the design of the Biddingo network's business categories. Biddingo's category based system assists subscribers in easily locating bids that match your business using key words. Regardless if a public sector organization is using NIGP, GSIN, SIC, UN/SPSC, etc., Biddingo maps those codes to the categories for subscribers' convenience.

Free eVendorApplications:
Minimize public sector organizations' tedious vendor application process through Biddingo's inheritance- based completion feature. The system populates similar fields from one application to another to simplify the entire vendor application process. Subscribers not only benefit from the efficiency the eVendor application offers but also gain the opportunity to place their company name directly in front of government buyers.

Extend Your Reach Beyond Your Market:
By subscribing to Biddingo now, for a limited time, your business will also benefit with a free six month trial to, Canada's leading government contract portal. The Biddingo network utilizes a single login process to make it as simple as possible to navigate the system. The system will also aggregate all bid opportunities from the portals you are subscribed with in one daily email.

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