“We think Biddingo is an excellent bid service. The website is easily navigated and bids are easily accessed. We have never missed an opportunity or missed knowing about bid.”
— Barik Medical Inc.
“Biddingo.com has given us some great leads on new account business.”
— Kodik + Iseco

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1. About Biddingo.com

Biddingo.com is an online portal that connects suppliers providing various goods and services to buyers from the Provincial, Municipal, Education, Crown Corporation, Housing, Construction and Healthcare sectors and Private companies from across Canada.

Government agencies in Canada spend $100 billion annually on various products and services. With over 1000 of these bids posted on Biddingo.com, you too can get your share of the contracts being won. Suppliers interested in doing business with public and private purchasing agencies create unique company profiles on Biddingo, and define their criteria. In turn, Biddingo.com performs a daily search, and sends an email alert with the bids that match each company's profile.

Get it. Bid it. Win it, is a clear expression of the service we provide. Suppliers can only win the contracts that they know about, and Biddingo ensures that they are made aware of the bids. Suppliers get a daily email alert of all the bids that match their profile, submit bid responses, and often win them!

Buyers, public and private alike, throughout Canada advertise RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, etc. and distribute their documents on Biddingo.com daily. They have access to detailed reports such as invitation lists, document taker's lists, mandatory site meetings, amendment notices, bid results, awarded contracts, etc. Biddingo.com assists buyers with fulfilling their purchasing requirements.

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2. Public Sector Purchasing Requirements

Source: Publisher's Data, 2000
The following represents the total percentage of money spent in each business category by the public sector buyers in relation to the entire marketplace.

Architectural/Engineer/Design 39% Food Service Equipment 29% Pharmaceuticals 18%
Audio Visual/Video 56% Fuel 44% Public Safety 35%
Building Maintenance 54% Furniture 59% Public Works Products 32%
Cars 44% Geographical Info Systems (GIS) 25% Safety Protection 44%
Clothing/Uniforms 50% Hazardous Material Control 34% Security 36%
Communications 64% Healthcare Supplies/Services 31% Social Services 15%
Computers/Peripherals 74% Highway/Street 30% Special Vehicles 40%
Software 75% Information Technology 50% Tools Equipment/Machinery 51%
Construction Equip./Materials 47% Insurance 25% Trucks 44%
Corrections 15% Lighting Equipment/Supplies 48% Utility Services 29%
Education 30% Office Equipment 68% Vehicles 40%
Financial Services 29% Paper Products 61% Waste Management/Recycling 32%
Fleet Maint./Management 46% Park & Recreation Equip. 31% Water/Sewer Prod & Services 26%

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3. Biddingo is RIGHT for Governmental Agencies

Buyers can:

Biddingo.com registered users get a daily email alert of your bid opportunities that match their business profiles. In addition, we fax your notices to unregistered companies to get you wider coverage, which leads to more qulified bidders and competitive pricing! Buyers Sign Up Now!

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4. Suppliers improve their business bottom line!

The bids are compiled in two(2) ways:

  1. Buyers/Purchasing Agents log into the system, upload bid advertisements, and attach bid documents. Through a consultative process with the public sector purchasing departments, Biddingo provides web based applications that improve their processes and procedures.
  2. Buyer Benefits:
    • Improved communication with their suppliers/vendors.
    • Transparent bidding process ensuring fairness and compliance to governing policies.
    • Timely delivery of bid opportunities to suppliers within 24 hours.
    • Electronic procurement and distribution of bid documents to suppliers.
  3. Biddingo's Research Department searches government websites, newspapers and other publications for available bids. We methodically search through thousands of Municipal, Academic, School Board, HealthCare Sector and other government website for you. We post the bids daily and send you an email notice of them.

Our bid advertisements will always provide you with a brief description, reference number, instructions to obtain the bid and/or contact information for the issuing organization (referred to as the Owner/Buyer). We at Biddingo feel that pointing our subscribers in the direction of new business opportunities is an invaluable service

Suppliers recognize the return on investment of doing business with the government is beneficial and as a result are participating in the marketing more so now than ever. Biddingo.com urges you to start procure construction, goods and services RFPs and quotes regardless!
Biddingo notifies you of the bids for less than 65 cents per day. Sign Up Now! Get it. Bid it. Win it!

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5. Supplier Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Your account is managed by this feature.
  • Select the criteria such as categories, location, keywords, etc. to get a targeted search result.
  • Allows you to make changes to your account - Quick and Easy.
Email Alert
  • Get notified of bids - Efficiently and timely.
  • Customized daily email notice of bids, amendments and industry related news.
Search Bids with MyProfile
  • Search is filtered to save time, and provide customized search results.
  • Your online filing cabinet that gives you easy and quick access to invitations, amendments, previously viewed bids, vendor applications you've completed, order cart, etc.
  • One - click access to much more!
  • Easy and quick reference to the bid advertisements you've viewed and the documents you've downloaded (Bookmark your favourite bids!)
Vendor Registration/Directory Services
  • Complete the online vendor application forms – Vendor Registration.
  • Get exclusive invitations! Buyers looking to fulfill their goods, services and construction requirements will invite your company.
  • Advertise your products/services to buyers and other suppliers - Directory Services.
Online Downloads
  • Easy and quick access to the documents online - Download and save them to your computer.
  • Automatically listed as a document taker - instant notice of amendments.
Notification System
  • Instant email notice of invitations from buyers.
  • Instant notice of amendments to your inbox.
Document Takers List
  • Companies that have expressed interest in the bid are listed.
  • Explore networking opportunities.
Historical Bids
  • Bids posted within the past 12 months.
  • Assist you with selecting the right categories - see the previous categories selected for similar bids.
  • Determine the timeframe of when the bids will be re-tendered (tracking recurring bids).
Business to Business (B2B)
  • Follow the rules of the public sector, and advertise your bids on Biddingo - open, fair and transparent!
  • locate suppliers and sub-contractors to fulfill your contract requirements.
  • Widens your networking capabilities.
Comprehensive Support
  • Technical support is available via email and telephone within hours of operation (Mondays through Fridays, 8:30am - 5:30 pm EST.)
  • Affordable options that save you time and money.

Sign up and receive email alerts, get access to online documents, document takers, bid results, awards, and many more!

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6. eVendor/Supplier Registry — let the Buyers from the Public Sector know what types of goods, services, or construction products/services you sell!

Table Of Contents

  1. Benefits of on the online vendor/supplier application form
  2. Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) accepting online application forms
  3. Important information about the online vendor/bidder application forms
  4. How to submit the application form?

1. Interested suppliers are encouraged to register

You are now in the spotlight, and will be recognized by these buyers!

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2. Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) accepting online vendor/supplier application forms

Public Sector buyers recognized the importance of managing and notifying potential suppliers in accordance to fairness and openness, and have therefore transformed their paper-based application forms to online versions. The registration form is the same form used by individual organizations to pre-qualify suppliers and incorporate them into their rosters and/or simply notifying them. Buyers can now easily find suppliers by commodity code(s) or company name(s), and invite them to bid.
Click here to complete each application form and get listed as a potential supplier.

Here's a list of some of the PSOs accepting online vendor/bidder form:

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3. Important information about the online vendor/bidder application forms

Before you start completing the application, print it, and gather the required information.

The Application form page Expires after 30 Minutes.

The page will expire:

What happens to the data after 30 minutes?
After 30 minutes of completing the application form, the data entered in the fields will be lost if you don't click "Save and Continue".
To prevent this from occurring, we suggest you refer the tips on completing the application form.


Print the application form page.
Some of the applications may require information that you may not have readily available to you, such as insurance or banking information. Print the application form!

Compile your information and be prepared!
Before you start filling in the form, get all of the required information ready.

Type your information first in MS Word or Word Perfect.
You can type your information in either one of those recommended formats, and copy and paste it into the applicable fields. This option will save you time!

It is very important that your application be as complete as possible.
It is equally important that you keep your information current. This means that you can update your information at anytime by logging into the site with your user ID and password, and modify each section. Each time you update, the public sector organization will receive email telling them of what you have done.

Carefully review the list of commodities that the public sector organization procure, and choose the ones that best represent the goods or services that you sell. Try to select a maximum of ten (10), to be sure you are not over-classifying yourself. The selected commodity codes with sub-classes will automatically be selected.

Why do I have to complete separate application forms for each public sector organization?

Public Sector Organizations are Unique


Does this mean that I have to re-type my information for each individual Vendor Application?

Your company is identified by your unique user ID and password. The information that was entered in the previous forms was transferred and is auto-populated in the related fields. You are required to type the information in the incomplete fields.

You must submit the forms individually, except in the case of the York Purchasing Co-operative. If you've submitted an application form to the City of Vaughan, it can be accessed by the participating members only.

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4. How to submit an Application form?

Step 1. Access Vendor Registration

Step 2. Choose an Organization

Step 3. Login or Register    Click here to get on the Bidders' list!

Option A. Enter your User ID and password (Biddingo.com users only).

Option B. Click "Register Now" to start completing the application form.

If you are a NEW USER to Biddingo, you are required to:

Step 4. Terms and Conditions

Step 5. The Application Form

Step 6. Verify Your Information

You will get an email receipt confirming the successful submission of your application.

By following the above steps, you are providing the public sector organization with the best representation of your company. Remember to keep your business information current as the buyers use it as a tool for locating potential suppliers!

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