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Biddingo Procurement Process integrates all the necessary components like Requisitions, Approvals, RFx Documents, eTendering, eBidding, Bid Evaluations, Contract Negotiations, and Contract Management in one seamless solution.

Biddingo's new features strive to transform public sector organizations' procurement process, improve workflow, and maintain a full audit trail by tracking and documenting all activity. We simplify the entire process the easy and efficient way.

Internal Process Management:
Monitor all users, approval chains, and event triggers to expedite and control procurement activities.
eRFx Authoring Management: Biddingo supports a centralized, organization-wide database of standard documents, which is accessible to all assigned users. The iDocs feature provides the tools to author interactive electronic bid documents and store the most recent version in the system for future use.
Control Desk: Utilize the Control Desk and accompanying user support, which are both fully integrated in each user's dashboard. Monitor all activity and track the duration it takes for a requisition to become a finalized contract.
Why rely on Biddingo solutions?

Although powerful and comprehensive, the solution is presented through a user-friendly interface to streamline the process without any complexities. meets and goes beyond the eTendering Requirement by formulating a roadmap to the transformation of a paper-based procurement process to paperless.

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One single platform for managed eProcurement services like:

  • eSolicitations (eTendering)
  • eRequisitions
  • eRFx Authoring
  • Workflow
  • eApproval
  • eSubmission
  • eContract
  • eVendorPerformance

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